Sunday, May 25, 2008

And this is Meatball...

This is meatball, he is such a great dog , but unfortunetly we can't keep him because we can't devote enough time to walking him and he needs a loving home...HE IS FREE. If interested please contact one of us and disregard reading the rest of this post! Thank you.

.....Okay the truth is, I am highly un-fond of this dog!!! He has the most gut-wrenching, knock you off your feet, take your breath away, gagging gas. You would swear that he has pooped a huge steming pile in the house and will even search for it, but to no is GAS!!! I have talked to the vet, changed his food and nothing seems to help. In addition, he has bad manners and jumps on people and has only attended 3 of his 8 week training course....uhmmm PJ you should probably get on that. He will also whine and shake his but at you or bark when he wants attention or his hungry...again please someone rescue me. Now I don't hate animals, in fact I think of myself as an animal lover, as long as the animals are from afar and not mine...except for tiney, cute, fluffy ones like my kitties. But of course a few months ago after we had gotten rid of our cute, tiny yorky who bites, Suki, I was feeling like we needed a dog. We live on an okay street, but as soon as you leave our street...eeekk watch out, tweeker city, it is almost like ajoke around here amongst the neighbors, because for the most part, the people on our street our normal. So I thought a larger dog would be gret protection and a great companion for Kash. Listen, I was WRONG, I admit it, the day we brought him home I cried and wanted to take him back. The first week when we put $800 dollars into saving his life I was kicking myself. But here we are, Meatball is alive and well and full of GAS. The plus side is that...hmmmm....thinking of a plus side, well he lets Kash do whatever he wants to him and doesn't bite...that was the problem with Suki. She now lives in Scottdale sporting a Coach bustier and painted toenails, but that is a whole other story. So I will leave you with these words of wisdom...If you ever think you want a dog, come borrow Meatball for a week or five to make sure you are really SURE.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ups and Downs

Well, life has brought a series of ups and downs...well lets say mostly ups with just the constant nagging feeling that I might faint or puke at the same time! We have almost put an offer in on three houses in the last three days!! We have been ready and willing until at the last minute some saving grace or God's divine intervention keeps us from writing an offer. I have to say that the house we finally wrote an offer on today was gorgeous. But now we play the waiting game, the house had three offers come in and it and we will find out tomorrow or next Wednesday, nice right? Tomorrow or a bloody week, thank you Memorial Day! On another note I LOST A DIAMOND out of my wedding band and it is 90% somewhere in my house because the day I lost it I only went to Walgreens to pick up photos because I was so sick. So floating somewhere around my dog hair-infested home is one of my main diamonds, lovely. But I have to say I am still not complaining because we are happy, healthy and done with college. Not much more you can ask for. Kash is starting to say more words and even puts some together, so cute, but you can tell the whole annunciation thing is really hard for him. I will have to post a video some time....if I ever find the right tape for the camera...

PS. The midwife actually said "we hug here" when I went to shake her hand. I heart her.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Well now I am REALLY pregnant!

It seems as though since I sent the email yesterday informing everybody about the blog and since now that cat is out of the bag about the new baby, I really feel pregnant. Up until yesterday I felt fine, normal, excited about being done with school and then BAM!! I tell everyone that I am pregnant and I am all about nausea, being grossed out by food, sleeping and feeling more ikcy than ever. The thought of any of the healthy food I bought two days ago from WildOats sounds DISGUSTING. and the only thing that sounds good is eegee's veggie grinder on wheat, hot with extra italian dressing. I know that I will be eating many of these because I had one last inght and I almost cried from happiness, I am not even kidding. In addition I am looking for Kashi Mountain granola, has anyone seen that around? It looks so yummy with ice cold milk. Oh and just to let everyone know how pregnancy has naturally helped me save money, the daily gum and frequent latte trips well don't sound very good anymore- damn hormones. If I continue to feel like this for the next 6-7 weeks PJ might divorce me and Kash me watch wayyy to much TV :-(. On a different note, I found a midwife that has been midwifing?? for like 20 years now or something. We meet with her next Wednesday and I am quite nervous about it, she does home births and only home births...patuchuli here I come. I am wondering if I am going to wander into her office and be hit with "positive energies" and have the sudden instinct to burn incencse and wear birkenstocks, umm probably not, but I did buy some non-toxic cleaner!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let me introduce you to Alex....

This is my brother-in-law Alex.... so charming with the new moustache Alex, always makes me smile. Thought I would share it with all of you too! He is an awesome uncle and goalie for several random Tucson hockey teams. Yes ladies he is single, but he only grows out his moustache for someone special!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vaca Pics at Last!

Here are the boys at the beach, How cute is Mason, he is 1 today! Happy Birthday Mason!

the camera here, but a cute pic none the less! I loved my graduation dress and it is a shame there are not more photos of it!

Here is one of me and Cassy, my best school mate! We did ALL of our group projects together and our children are within 2 months of age.

This is my sister-in-law Susan and I. We totally get each other in so many ways, I think my brother in so lucky to have her. She also was sweet enough to give a toast to PJ at my graduation to thank him for all the baby-watching and support he gave me to graduate...GO PJ!

This is us on the merry-go-round at the Santa Monica Pier. It was Kash's first experience with the go-round and he cried when we had to say goodby to the horses.

Here is one with my parents, that is my mom's hand on my belly, kind of looks freakish if it were mine. We all look so proud, even though my mom looks as if she is going to cry!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hello from a Graduate...

I will check in later to update on what has been going on. I GRADUATED!!! Pics and tales to come.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Blueberries again kash?

I can always tell when Kash has been to his nani & poppi's house because I can tell he has eaten a TON of blueberries and I know this from the massive loads of blue speckled playdough poop I change in the few hours thereafter. Sorry if that is TMI for some of you, but I know most parents this won't bother. In fact, we are all keenly aware of what type of poop our children are producing. Smell, color, consistency and we even talk about with others, like I am doing here. On a less icky note, tomorrow we leave for Flagstaff for MY GRADUATION. I can't even believe it is true, but after tomorrow I am an official college graduate, contrary to what you might believe after reading a posts on this blog. We are heading out at 7 and the graduation is at 2, followed by dinner and family and then breakfast for Mother's Day. I don't get to do much dining with my mom so this will be a real treat. From there we head to LA to see PJ's real dad, his wife and thier son Mason who happens to be younger than his nephew, our son Kash. Does that even make any sense to you? Hilarious since I am the only one that reads this, but I try to imagine if someone would be hard to follow.

House Hunting GRRS

I hate house hunting. It is frustrating and takes a long time and is very tiring. I should know I have been doing it for about a month now and while I thought it would be fun and exciting, it is not. It is a task that tests your endurance and patience and makes you want to rent forever. But then there is the yard that I would like to invest some grass in, a place where Kash can play and we can have swings and I definetly do not want to put all that money into someone elses property. So here we are, on the search for houses that I can tell will probably take a good 6 months, with a dirt yard that smells like Meatbal (ewwww) and no grass or swings in the 100 freakin Tucson heat. But hey, good things take time right? In addition I think the mental stress combined with pregnancy and mommying is going to make me explode, I seem to have lost all patience for things, like people leaving crap around the house and disciplining Kash for the 1000th time about not climbing on the dining table, please lord give me patience and help me to slow down and enjoy the little things and not let those other little things annoy the crap out of me so much. Please.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Much to learn

So I have been browing other blogs and I realize that I have much to learn. Like for example just how to make my page a little putting a picture at the top etc. So now I have to figure out if I have to learn to write in html or java or something along those lines, anyone that wants to lend any advice please do. Today while on a walk in our oh-so-lovely neighborhood (read sarcassm here) a little kid saw us walking with Meatball and just opened the gate for his dog to come out and attack us. So there I am trying to run up a hill with Kash so that no dog bites hit me or Kash and then low and behold three other dogs and their owners turn the corner. It was a freakin dog fiasco, for like ten minutes the dog chased tho other dogs while the owner's "daughter" was like "oh my" "here boboo", the dog's name is "boboo" and it is this huge german shepard. PJ just stands there like that is helping until finally one of the other dog walkers catches the shepard and we all go on out merry way...that was the excitement of the day :-) Really exciting huh.

Early bird gets the worm!

This first post if for my first visitor. I am letting you in on a very BIG (tiny though) secret. I am preggers!! I just found out last Thursday, which means I am only 5 weeks along. The husband know and Cassy knows and maybe Alex if he listens to any of my phone conversations. But that is it, no one suspects it either! I have been able to excuse my way out of drinking alcohol and caffiene and into having white pasta instead of wheat....because you know, that is what the baby wants. So there you have it, I will be waiting for a phone call whenever the first lucky person knows.